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Helicopters Mil i-8

Mil Mi-8 AMT— (export code Mil Mi-171) – modern modification of a helicopter Mil Mi-8/Mil Mi-17 with improved powerplant (2 engines TV3-117), auxiliary power unit and reducing gear unit VR-14.

Aircraft performance data:

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Manufacturer: Ulan-Ude aircraft plant (since 1991)
Country: Russia
Engines: V3-117VM series 2
Takeoff output, h.p.:21950
Rotary wing diameter, m:21,288
Dimensions, m:
- Helicopter length with propellers
- fuselage length (without antitorque
- fuselage width:2,5
- height up to main rotor head:4,38
- height with rotating antitorque
Dimensions of cargo compartment, m:
- length:5,34
- width:2,34
- height:1,8
Weight, kg:
- Empty helicopter:7200
- takeoff normal weight:11100
- takeoff maximum weight:13000
Speed, km/h:
- maximum speed near ground:250
- cruise speed:220
Crew, men:3
Number of passengers:13
Maximum flight range, km:1000

Mil Mi-8 AMT - (Mil Mi-171) repeats the construction of a helicopter Mil Mi-8T. Upon developing this type vast experience of more than 12 000 Mil Mi-8 helicopters operation in all the climatic and natural zones was taken into account. «Comfort and safety!» this is the motto, under which this helicopter was being created.

Is assigned for performing a scope of functions: passenger and cargo transportation, abnormal undersling cargo transportation, search and rescue operations, injured people evacuation. A helicopter can fly up to 13 passengers in comfortable conditions: low vibration and noise level, cosy arm-chairs, broad illuminators, conditioner, information and emergency indicating panels, fluorescent lighting. A helicopter is equipped with additional external fuel tanks, a lavatory is available.

A helicopter Mil Mi-8 AMT has a type certificate in Russia and also a certificate of a type acknowledgement in People’s Republic of China, South Korea and Slovakia, is operated in all regions of the Russian Federation.


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